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Lady Rose Sorority - Eban Bese Saka Eban is the first African Adinkra lettered sorority established in the United States. The African Adinkra letters and symbols represent our dual name and internal motto. We decided to use the Adinkra letters and symbols to pay homage to our African heritage and culture. We serve our communities by instilling their profound meanings in our daily lives. Incorporating the Adinkra concepts and aphorisms helps us with leadership development, character enrichment, and efforts to prompt social change. 

We offer a lifetime of sisterhood for professional women and mentorship for young ladies through the Rose Blossom Fellowship. Lady Rose Foundation, our charity, fiercely advocates for teachers, literacy, women, children in distress, and small business owners. We're a modern-day sorority with values and virtues that represent finer womanhood. We consider ourselves as a fence of love and safety in our families and sisters who strive to be an asset to our communities. 

We Identified a Need & organized 
Lady Rose Women's Association 
May 15, 2003 in Hollywood, Florida!

Lady Rose Sorority was originally established as Lady Rose Women's Association on May 15, 2003 by Lakesha Woods, in Hollywood, Florida. Later, she incorporated the organization as a domestic non-profit with Leonca Woods (former Vice-President) and Natasha N. Calloway (former Chairperson) on Thursday; December 23, 2004.

These young ladies identified a need for youth intervention and much needed support for women in distress within their communities. With good hearts and intentions they moved forward proactively with a plan to make changes. Though the start was not easy, Lady Rose persevered, sponsored events, and offered services to those in need as much as possible. Learn more about the history and organization on the About Us page.

Today and beyond

Since establishing in 2003, Lady Rose has transitioned to a full-fledged African-lettered sorority. On September 1, 2018 the Articles of Association were amended. The association was renamed to Lady Rose Sorority and adopted Eban Bese Saka Eban as the sorority's official Adinkra letters. Charitable services continue to be offered  through the group's non profit, Lady Rose Foundation.

As Lady Rose Sorority moves forward with faith expansion is inevitable! This is a growing sorority with much work to do. The opportunity for new leaders to step forward and make a difference is here! Feel free to browse the site and ask questions.

*Due to COVID-19 our quarterly new members orientation is now online. Meet and greets are limited to small groups of 20 or less per chapter. Bookmark our calendar for updates.

Lakesha Woods, CA
National President & Founder

As the president and founder of Lady Rose Sorority, I find myself ever so happy to serve with my sisters. I give all praise and glory to God for allowing me to work in unison with faithful women. I believe that we are all proud to be members and honored to serve our families and our communities. We are truly dedicated to maintaining a sisterhood that gives back to our communities as much as it has poured into us.

     Please visit our Service page to find out what types of initiatives we work on through our non profit division. If you have a charitable mission that you would like to invite Lady Rose  to participate in or sponsor please use the CONTACT link to send us more information.