Lady Rose Foundation

Eban Bese Saka Eban!


Sat. 10/5 9:00 AM Food Pantry Collection Lady Rose will be collecting food on the first Saturday of every month to help families in need. This is an ongoing mission. Please call Lady Rose Organization for location drop offs - 706-688-9694. Distribution of food is by appointment and will ta... more
Sat. 10/12 11:00 AM Community Garden Committiee Meeting

Join Lady Rose Community Garden Commitee. Members take part in the planning of our first organic garden. Part of the harvest will be donated to our food pantry. Call 706-688-9694  for location details or for more information.

Tue. 10/15 8:00 AM Food Distribution Lady Rose Organization will be distributing food packages to families in need on the 15th of every month. Funding is limited so individuals or familes must apply early and request an appointment. Individuals and families will be selected to receive a... more
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