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Eban Bese Saka Eban!

Are you a Lady Rose?

Aside from gaining new sisters, Lady Rose Sorority is an environment of support. Additionally,  members gain leadership development, academic support, and business support, with opportunities throughout the year to network with other entrepreneurs. 

Membership is by invitation. However you are welcome to inquire with a local chapter's CO (community organizer) to find out if the chapter is taking applications for new members. Without an approved invitation, you will be asked to submit a personal and professional letter of recommendation (one of each) from two people who have known you at least 5 years. 

The list below outlines additional requirements that must be met before you become a member of our sorority. Keep in mind, your invitation does not guarantee membership. All *associates must meet the minimum requirements and complete the following tasks before they are officially admitted as a member of Lady Rose.  Each local chapter is restricted a maximum of 300 members per chapter. So, if you are invited, please do consider it as an honor.

General requirements

While being in college or possessing a college degree is not a requirement, having a lifestyle that reflects constructive activities or accomplishments is required. In addition to age requirements, you must either be one of the following...
  • Must be at least 21 years old to be invited. Under 21?     
   Consider the Rose Blossom Fellowship (see below)

  • Pay the initial registration of $300.00 upon accepting your  
    invitation or approved application. View fee schedule.

  • Must be in school, employed or a retired professional OR... 
  •  A business owner or self employed. Must have proof of active     business OR...

  • Postgraduate homemaker (may join as an alumna with a bachelor degree from an accredited college or university) OR...

  • An adult student, i.g., an adult woman matriculating at an accredited college or university. Must be in good academic standing, have completed a minimum of 30 semester credits or 30 quarter credit hours, with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. 

  • During probation...
  • Attend new members orientation.
  • Attend pinning ceremony for new members.
  • Sign the sorority Members' Guide and Member ID Card.

  • After probation...
  • Attend 4 new members classes within 1 year of joining.                (1 orientation; 3 leaderships meetings)  

Refund Policy
If you do not meet all requirements for membership you will receive a full refund. If decide to withdraw your application before a decision is made you will receive a full refund. The registration fee is fully refundable up to 3 days after approval.

New Member Application.

Accepting your invitation to pledge or applying independently? Please complete the application below. Submit transcripts or business documents to Allow 7 days for processing.
Thank you! Please allow 7 days to receive your determination letter.
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New Member Registration $300.00


How to Maintain Your Membership

The first step to maintaining your membership is to pay your dues, and pay it on time. After your first year the annual registration fee is only $100.00 and due on April 10th. Monthly dues are $10.00 a month and due on the 10th of every month. Annually that's a total of $220.00 and you are welcome to pay that in one payment.

  • Complete the additional new members classes (90 days)
  • Adhere to the code of conduct in our sorority Members Guide.
  • Active members must attend at least 3 social events per year
  • Complete annual community service hours - only 12 hours! 
Dues and registration fees help us to underwrite operational expenses. Monthly a portion is donated to charity and the funds also help us to promote member services through our Rose Petal Network.

Rose Blossom Fellowship offers sisterhood through Mentorship!

Rose Blossom Fellowship is open to young ladies between the ages of sixteen and twenty. The program gives the Misses an opportunity to experience our sisterhood and receive mentorship. The fellowship is six months long and is open from January 15th to July 15th. All participants complete monthly social and service activities including a minimum of 12 hours of community service. The fellowship ends with the debutante ball. Scholarships will be awarded to those who meet the criteria. All program participants will be given an opportunity to transfer their community service hours into a Lady Rose membership. Invitations and applications for the Rose Blossom Fellowship are issued and accepted all year. If you do not have an invitation, you may use the CONTACT link to request an application. *Participation in the Rose Blossom Fellowship does guarantee membership into Lady Rose Sorority.
Information updated -September 10, 2020