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Eban Bese Saka Eban!

Questions and Answers!

Are you considering pledging with Lady Rose Sorority, but have questions that must be satisfied with an answer? No problem! We want you to be informed, be serious, and be confident about your choice to unite in sisterhood with us. 

Top 5 Questions & Answers

Question 1. Can I pledge and have membership in a Greek-lettered sorority?

Answer:  Yes, dual membership in Lady Rose and a Greek-lettered sorority and/or honor society is permitted.  Although dual membership is allowed, the expectations of our organization must be adhered to. If dual membership in another organization hinders your participation with Lady Rose Sorority or your ability to meet your community obligations you will be suspended. Please read your Members Guide for more details. 

Question 2.  Is Lady Rose Sorority only for women of color?

Answer:   No. Although we pay homage to African culture, we welcome women of all races and nationalities to share our unique sisterhood.

Question 3.  Is worship of deities or idolatry involved in Lady Rose rituals?

Answer: No, our rituals do not involve worship of deities or idolatry. We are women who express our faith in God, and the organization consist of members with  different religious backgrounds. However, we do not impose any particular religion on members. Members are encouraged to fellowship in auxiliaries that support their beliefs and allow them to bond with like-minded sisters.

Question 4.  I live in a rural area, does Lady Rose have online chapters?

Answer: Yes, Lady Rose Sorority has 16 online state chapters that host virtual meetings, online group activities, and semi-annual offline events. View chapters.

Question 5.  Can Lady Rose Sorority be chartered on my college campus?

Answer:    Yes, if you are interested in starting a chapter at your college or university please use our Contact page to send us a message. 


More Information

Founded:  May 15, 2003 in Hollywood, Florida.

Incorporated: December 23, 2004 in Hollywood, Florida.

Previous Name:  Lady Rose Women's Association, Inc.

Renamed:  September 1, 2018 

Official Founder's Day:  May 15th

Colors:  Red and Black

Jewel:  The Emerald

Flower:  Red Rose

Official Publication: Rose Petal Magazine

Official Broadcast Show:  "We Bloom" 

Scholarship:  Rose Grant    School:  Lady Rose Academy   

Mentorship: Rose Blossom Fellowship

National President & Founder:  Lakesha S. Afolabi

The above book "Lady Rose Sorority - Our Pledge & Standards" is a comprehensive guide for members. This guide is an internal publication and will be provided to each new member after her initiation is completed. *Our incorporation date is our first corporate filing date recorded with the state of Florida. The incorporation date is not our founding date. We use December 23, 2004 as our legal business establishment date, but our founding date is May 15, 2003 and activities began immediately thereafter. Therefore, we celebrate our founders on May 15th annually. 

Terms and Translations

Our sorority primarily uses African words to identify our officials and members. We use African Adinkra letters in our name. 

Sorority Name - Lady Rose Sorority, Eban Bese Saka Eban = Lady Rose Sorority, EVE (said as: E.V.E.)

Grand Malkia -  National President 

Queen Mother - Chapter President

Court Lady - Vice President

KatibuSwahili word that means Secretary

Isura -   Yoruba word that means Treasurer

Griot -  Historian 

Nuabaa -  (ne-ah-baa) Akan word for sister. 

Lady - Active Member

Associate - New Pledge

Ancestor - Deceased Member